Builder Application

Builder Requirements

  • Must be at least 13 years old (verified by voice)
  • Must be active In-Game
  • A Skype account is required
  • Must have an appropriate username
  • Must not have a warning point on the server forums at the time of applying
  • Must be socially active and friendly with the Staff Team and users of the community
  • Familiar with staff commands and abilities
  • Able to be mature and handle situations whilst being a staff member
  • Able to be an active staff member (Online frequently)
  • Must have never obtained a severe In-Game punishment within the past six months
  • At least 2 Player Report tickets which have been accepted
  • A Google account is required

Additional Information

All of the requirements must be met to be considered to become a staff member. If you do not meet these requirements, your application will be denied. Spamming of helper applications can result in a revoked access from submitting applications. A reply can be expected to your application within a week. All of the requirements will be confirmed by an admin on the staff team. Fake information will result in an automatic deny to your application, and your chances of getting accepted in the future will be gone.  

Any additional questions can be asked by contacting a member of the staff team, or creating a ticket here!